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Le Mans Classic 2020 Useful Information

This page contains useful information to help you plan your journey to France and the Le Mans Classic 2020.

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As part of your pre Le Mans planning, we would recommend that each member of your party has a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

These are free for all UK citizens and enable you to access medical/hospital treatment in the event that you become ill whilst you are abroad.

This does not replace holiday travel insurance, which you must ensure you have before you set out for Le Mans.

Registering for an EHIC takes only a few minutes and you can do this via this link to the official government site.

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One thing that we would highly recommend even in these days of SatNav is that you buy yourself a good quality map of Le Mans and the surounding area. This is really important when the race is running as the French police close down many of the roads surrounding the circuit. Click here to purchase our suggested map of Le Mans and the Sarthe region.

In addition this Google map will give you lots of great information on how the circuit is laid out, where the car parks, grandstands, bars & restaurants are located, plus the key places of interest in Le Mans centre. Click here and zoom in on the map to find the detail that you want.


Circuit Tickets & Parking

For 2020 we will be able to provide you with circuit & grandstand tickets, plus club parking on the Buggati Circuit and also circuit track laps.

Tickets for this event should be purchased as early as possible to avoid disapointment, please contact us to discuss your requirements.



Our suggestion is that you will need the following tickets as a minimum:-

1 x general enclosure ticket, you will require 1 ticket for each member of your party.

This ticket will cover you from the whole weekend and gain you access to all of the general enclosures within the Le Mans 24 Hour race circuit.

1 x paddock pass to access the race paddocks and view the cars at close quarters.  

1 x Parking Zone RED P Expo pass per car.

This car park is located close to the main gates.

1 x Parking Zone YELLOW P pass per car (if you wish to visit Arnage & Mulsanne corners to spectate)



There are many grandstands for you to choose from and they all vary in price and ticket availability. Check the ACO web site for their current availability.


One thing you should be aware of when in France for the Le Mans Classic weekend is the French police. They like nothing better than to stop cars with UK registration plates and issue them with on the spot fines.

The police are known to time cars on motorways from toll to toll and work out your average speed, so be warned. As you near Le Mans they will also use radar guns to trap you too. Be especially vigilant in and around the circuit as the police will be out in force, so keep to the speed limit. Make sure you have all your documentation with you, driving licence, insurance, tax, and MOT if your car needs one.

You must also carry 2 self-breathalyser kits, this is now French law, so be sure to have these in your car. Kits can be bought from the likes of Halfords, or you can also pick them up at most ferry ports. You also must carry a yellow high VIZ jacket and a red triangle. Halfords also have a handy European Travel kit which has all the items that you need. Please check that you have all the correct documentation and the compulsory equipment in your car before you depart on your journey to Le Mans. Above all be safe, keep to the speed limit and you should have no problems.


1st tickets are an "official" UK ticket agent for the Le Mans Classic race and can help you with all your ticketing requirements. They can supply you with general enclosure tickets, grandstand tickets and car parking passes.

1st Tickets are experts in Le Mans with many years experience.

Classic Car Tours are happy to recommend 1st Tickets to all our clients.

Le Mans Classic Circuit & Grandstand Tickets 2020. European Travel Kit for Le Mans Classic.

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